We translate theory into tangible circular solutions

Hello, I’m Susanne Volz and I am specialised in Circular Economy Innovation. Building on an educational background in law, finance & economics as well as environmental sciences, I’ve been working as a freelance researcher and consultant in the sustainable field for over 13 years. During this journey, I developed a detailed understanding of what the challenges of economy and businesses are these days, and I am passionate about finding tangible economic solutions. Since 2014, I provide consultation for circular solutions with ecocircleconcept.

Given the urgency of our climate challence, I am more than ever dedicated to support businesses, authorities and research institutes to proactively address the changing landscape.

Todays challenges require a multi-disciplinary approach. Therefore, ecocircleconcept works with a european network of Circular Economy specialists, all of which are proven (and rare) experts in their fields. ecocircleconcept is known for bringing together current academic research with practical requirements of businesses and financial institutions. This allows you to not only do things right but also to do the right things. Therefore, your circular transition will be quicker and more successful.

If you need circular advise or a project partner, we are happy to hear from you.