Hi, I´m Attila Katona

Co-Founder of Climate Action Ltd in Hungary
Environmental policy, Climate & Circular Economy Specialist

Budapest / Hungary

I am an environmental policy researcher at the Central European University, as well as innovation consultant with clients such as the European Commission, EIT Climate-KIC, and various global research projects on circular economy and natural resource management (Circularity Thinking, NATURVATION, Loop Ports, INTENSE, SUNRAISE, etc).

There, we co-designed and facilitated multi-stakeholder processes, projects, and learning events. In the last five years, I worked with decision makers on environmental policy, urban transformation and circular economy processes in Hungary, Canada, Russia, China, and Singapore.

I also co-founded Climate Action Ltd in Hungary, a consultancy that supports the transformation of the SME sector. I supported the development of the Circularity Thinking learning, consulting, stakeholder engagement and policy development materials of Climate-KIC since 2018, and currently co-lead their further development. During the last years, I organized circular economy transformation workshop series in several sectors (electronics, construction, automotive, maritime, food, manufacturing) and in several countries (Hungary, Denmark, Romania) as well as on a regional level, with a specific focus on supporting SMEs in finding their transformative potential.

While working at the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (2014-2016), I developed, managed and implemented several EU and UN-funded policy research and innovation projects. In 2009-2010 I supported the development of a new policy framework for Hungarian construction and demolition waste management. My qualifications include environmental engineering (BSc), economics (MSc), and I am pursuing a PhD in environmental governance at the Central European University.