Hi, I´m Markus Plack

After studying physics and nanotechnology I did an MBA and worked at Evonik in strategic research and new business development. From there i moved to Kearney, working as a strategy consultant for about 8 years with a strong focus on Sustainability and Circular Economy in the chemicals and process industry.

Here I helped companies to develop feasible and actionable strategies and business models with circular principles and sustainable impact in mind, next to other projects in the chemical industry around strategy, operational excellence and organizational design.

I now work as an independent consultant and an am a friend of the sustainable natives. Here I fully focus on Circular Economy as my passion topic.

For multiple years, I led the evaluation team of the German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis) for companies and the Next Economy award evaluation team for startups which broadened my insights on what is cutting-edge in profitable and impact-generating businesses.

My recent project work is focused on the development of circular business models and industrial symbiosis potentials through cross-value chain partnerships.

Next to my work as a consultant, I co-founded Circularity - a think & do tank to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy by organizing webinars, conferences and local projects. And I volunteer for Circular Berlin to drive local circularity opportunities in my hometown.